The future of science in 2013 기획기사1

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1. Computing

Around June in 2013, we could expect to see a breakthrough in quantum computing, resulting in processors that use the spin and entanglement of particles to perform calculations at much greater speeds than semiconductors.
* 퀀텀 컴퓨팅: 원자의 집합을 기억 소자로 간주하여 원자의 양자 역학적 효과를 기반으로 방대한 용량과 초병렬 계산이 동시에 가능한 컴퓨터. 한 원자가 얻을 수 있는 상태 중의 하나를 한 수치에 적용시켜 양자 이론의 중복 상태(원자를 얻을 수 있는 두 가지 상태)를 응용하여 초고속, 초소형, 초신뢰성을 얻고자 하는 것으로광통신 등의 기초 기술이 되고 있다.

2.  Science stunts
late in 2013, perhaps in October, one year after the 2012 jump, we should see Baumgartner or a similarly courageous/insane individual attempt the first ever interplanetary jump, between the moon and Earth.

3. Neuroscience
The current enthusiasm for bizarre studies involving MRI scanners will reach its peak around May in 2013 with the publication of a study which claims to have isolated the brain region that processes an individual's credulous response to being shown an image of a brain scan.

4. Medicine and healthcare
Towards the end of the year, around November, we should see a force of enraged cyborgs storm parliament and kick the cabinet out into the street, where they will be forced to undergo cruelly ironic challenges, such as having to walk 20 metres after having their legs broken, in order to keep their jobs.

5. Space
Early in 2013, let's say by the end of February, the Mars Curiosity rover will find something on the red planet that strongly indicates the presence of life. It may be an unlikely rock combination, some weird colouring of soil, or any number of things.

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